Project type:
Title Initial year Ending year Budget
Resilient riparian forests as ecological corridors in the Mura-Drava-Danube Biosphere Reserve (REFOCuS) 2018 2021 1.503.076,78 (EUR)
Project type: EFI - European Forestry Institute
Title Initial year Ending year Budget
Forest management scenarios for adaptation and mitigation (FORMOSAM) 2018 2020 99.968,00 (EUR)
Project type: COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology
Title Initial year Ending year Budget
COST Action CA15226: Climate-smart forestry in mountain regions (CLIMO) 2016 2020 -
COST action CA15223: Modifying plants to produce interfering RNA (iPLANTA) 2016 2020 -
COST action FP1406: Pine pitch canker: strategies for management of Gibberella circinata in greenhouses and forests (PINESTRENGTH) 2015 2019 -
COST action FP1304: Towards robust projections of European forests under climate change (PROFOUND) 2014 2018 -
COST action ES1308: Climate change manipulation experiments in terrestrial ecosystems: networking and outreach (ClimMani) 2014 2018 -
COST action FP1401: A global network of nurseries as early warning system against alien tree pests (Global warning) 2014 2018 -
COST action FP1305: Linking belowground biodiversity and ecosystem function in European forests (BioLink) 2014 2018 -
COST action FP1403: Non-native tree species for European forests-experiences, risks and opportunities (NNEXT) 2014 2018 -
COST action TN1401: Capacity Building in Forest Policy and Governance in Western-Balkans Region (CAPABAL) 2014 2018 -
COST action FP1206: European mixed forests-integrating scientific knowledge in sustainable forest management (EuMIXFOR) 2013 2017 -
COST action FP1204: Green infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests (GreenInUrbs) 2013 2017 -
COST action TD1209: European information system for alien species (ALIEN challenge) 2013 2017 -
Project type: EUFORGEN - European Forest Genetic Resources Programme
Title Initial year Ending year Budget
EUFORGEN: Stand forming broadleaves network 2000 2019 -
EUFORGEN: Scattered broadleaves network 2000 2019 -