Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment has been offering doctoral education (Ph.D.) at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture (Ph.D. course: Agronomy, module: Forestry) since 2014. Students can apply for doctoral education within the following subject areas:

  • Forest ecology

  • Silviculture

  • Forest protection

  • Forest management

  • Genetics and breeding of forest trees

  • Agroforestry

  • Forest policy

Our interdisciplinary organisation, modern laboratories, high-quality field measuring equipment and experimental forest estate offer a broad research and development possibilities for doctoral candidates.

Students are encouraged to have a research stay abroad during their doctoral studies.

Once they have successfully completed their doctoral studies students will be awarded the title: Doctor of biotechnical sciences.


Ph.D. course: Agronomy, module: Forestry.

Subject ESPB Professor
Phytopharmacy in forestry 10 Vasić O. Verica
Forest pathology 10 Pap L. Predrag
Forest entomology 10 Drekić R. Milan
Identification and management of weeds in forestry 10 Vasić O. Verica
Integrated forest protection 10 Drekić R. Milan
Pap L. Predrag
Vasić O. Verica
Marković M. Miroslav
Insect pests in fast-growing plantation forests 10 Drekić R. Milan
Forest genetic resources 10 Orlović S. Saša
Pilipović R. Andrej
Stojnić M. Srđan
Functional anatomy of forest tree species 10 Stojnić M. Srđan
Biotechnology in forestry 10 Branislav Z. Kovačević
Molecular genetics of forest trees 10 Vladislava O. Galović
Molecular ecology of forest trees 10 Vladislava O. Galović
Environmental benefits from forest plantations 10 Pilipović R. Andrej
Energy plantations 10 Orlović S. Saša
Forest ecosystems and climate changes 10 Stojnić M. Srđan
Forest soils 10 Pekeč M. Saša
Forest habitats end forest ecology 10 Galić A. Zoran
Forest types 10 Galić A. Zoran
Dendroecology and adaptive forest management 10 Matović M. Bratislav
Modelling of forest vegetation and climate changes 10 Matović M. Bratislav
Dynamics of forest tree growth and strategic planning in forestry 10 Matović M. Bratislav